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Treatment Planning

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Treatment Planning

In order for your treatment to go efficiently, a plan should be developed based on findings during your initial appointment. Depending on your individual treatment, Dr. Raanan will address emergency treatment as the first priority.

Dr. Raanan believes in a team approach. He works closely with a group of dental specialists that focus on various different niche in the dental field, such as Prosthodontists, Oral Surgeons, Endodontics, and Orthodontists. Dr. Raanan strongly feels that working closely with a selected team of specialists allows him to provide his patients with a superior comprehensive treatment that will be stable and long lasting.

After you understand the complete picture of your present dental health, Dr. Raanan will review various treatment options and help you understand the advantages, disadvantages, consequences and alternative therapeutic choices for each situation. Dr. Raanan will take the patient’s aesthetic concerns and expectations into consideration and incorporate them into the treatment plan. It is important to Dr. Raanan to explain to his patients the desired end result, the time and steps needed to execute the most effective treatment plan. He wants to be sure that you understand what is going on and why.  Only then can you decide which course of therapy will work best for you. By working together with Dr. Raanan, you can enjoy a healthier mouth that will give the confidence you deserve.

Justin Raanan Treatment Planning