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Caring for your Mouth

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Caring for your Mouth

Dr. Raanan cannot overemphasize enough the exponential dental health benefits that can come with routine flossing. However, if you do not like to floss, Dr. Raanan recommends the use of a device called a waterpik that has shown to be as clinically effective. There is no pain associated with gum disease, until the very late stages.

Some proactive steps Dr. Raanan recommends to protect and improve your gums includes: brushing your teeth twice a day along with flossing at least once daily (or use of a waterpik. You should remember to be extra diligent around hard to clean spaces like: crooked teeth, fillings, crowns, and bridges.

Some tartar will inevitably remain, and coming in for your regular cleaning will help ensure that it is removed before it builds up and leads to tooth decay. Dr. Raanan encourages our patients to have their teeth cleaned every three to six months depending on your condition.

Caring for your mouth